We dispatch to you the Parkforce Solution. The Parkforce Solution is a parking protection kit containing license agreement, contractual warning signs that display the terms and conditions for parking, parking permits, civil warning to driver stickers, parking charge tickets and site set up guide.
4 Simple Steps  
1. Erect the contractual warning signs in clear and prominent positions.

2.  Issue parking permits to staff and clients if required. 

3. Following the above, should a vehicle park contravening the terms and conditions for parking, the landowner or authorised person acting on behalf of may either,
Issue a parking charge ticket. Parking charge tickets are £60

Issue a civil warning to driver sticker to the offending vehicle. This is a sticker that attaches to the windscreen and outlines in a polite manner that the vehicle has been parked unlawfully and requests the action is not repeated. When removed, the stickers will not leave a residue.

4.  Following the issue of a parking charge ticket, simply forward the details to our central processing centre by email, fax or post and your job is done.

If, after 14 days the charge remains outstanding, we obtain the licensing details from the DVLA and our legal department pursue the motorist for the charge. During this process, we are bound at all times by the DVLA’s code of conduct for the release and processing of data and The Administration of Justice Act 1978.
Should you wish to cancel any issued parking charge ticket for whatever reason within 14 days, it will be done free of charge. This ensures that only genuine offenders and not customers etc are penalised should a parking charge be issued in error.

On completion of the charge, a compensatory payment to the sum of £10 Inc VAT is returned to you. Please note, this does not apply to parking charges issued by our patrollers.

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